Sunday, May 06, 2012

Bulky Items along HDB common corridors

Mr Khaw, Minister for National Development has urged all flat owners to ensure they do not clutter their common corridors with bulky items which are fire hazards. Mr Khaw made this point after a fire has blazed 20 flats in Marsiling.

I believe residents who leave their bulky items do so for various reasons and will not just remove these items after a reminder by Mr Khaw. I believe the town council should proactively check whether common corridors are cluttered with bulky items or not; a fine should be imposed on residents who deliberately or despite reminders, clutter the common corridors with their belongings.

Neighbours of residents who clutter the common walkways with their items may find it hard to alert the relevant authorities due to the fact that they are neighbours with the perpetuators.

I find it rather amusing that in every MP's block visit of my constituency, the town council will deploy an army of cleaners to get rid of all dust and grime from the very obvious to the very minutiate: e.g. scrapping of some flyer's sticky leftovers on the top of a lift's wall the day and night prior to the visit! Yet during the MP's visit, they walk around, oblivious to the bulky items left in the common corridors!

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