Friday, March 30, 2012

Earth Hour 2012

Tomorrow 31 Mar 2012 2030 hrs to 2130 hrs will be the annual Earth Hour. Earth hour is dedicated to raising awareness for environment conservation. In this hour, Singaporeans are encouraged to switch off electrical appliances and join the thousands of like-minded people in the different countries towards this common aim.

But I wonder how much impact such a dedicated day can make in fostering awareness among Singaporeans and denizens of the world in environment conservation. Every day, I witness much wastage or non-utilisation of resources which I find sad as I am a person who embrace environment conservation.
I make a conscious effort daily to recycle all materials which could be recyclable and I personally do not contribute much carbon footprint. An hour like Earth Hour 2012 may not be useful but at least it serves as a reminder for all denizens of the world to act together to conserve the environment.
We have the Clean and Green Week annually and even the Bring Your Own Bag Day but always after the much-hyped and media-machined launch of these events , these well-intended causes and aims just seem to fizzle away.
I think it has to do with us being Singaporeans: our habits are hard to change. Despites the decades-long education against littering, littering problems still persist. Hence, I salute the Japanese: they are professional, of good civic consciousness and gracious. I also love the natural and seasonal charms of Japan.

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