Friday, March 09, 2012

Character-building to be inculcated to Singapore’s students

During the recent Budget 2012 debate, it is reported that the Ministry of Education will be boosting up character-building and development in our students.
I still recall my primary school days when I was caned for just a minor mistake I made in class. That was some years ago. In our society today, if a student were to be caned by his teacher, he might be sued by the students’ parents.
I think the increasing problem of juvenile delinquency, increasing sexual problems and issues among our youth and students today has to do with the deployment of many young teachers in our schools and being young they may not be as strict towards their students as compared to more senior students.
Also, the principals of many schools today are helmed by very young scholars who are parachuted over and above the teachers. These very young scholars may be very eloquent and intelligent but they may not have the life experience to govern a school and manage his staff and pupils.

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