Monday, February 13, 2012

Yaw Shin Leong , Steve Tan Peng Hoe. Jack Neo, Tiger Woods

I believe Yaw Shin Leong should really come out and tell Singaporeans whether he really has an affair with a fellow party colleague. The resignation of Yaw Shin Leong seems to fuel public's speculation that Yaw did really have an affair. If Yaw does not have an affair, he should really tell Singaporeans so.

Some Singaporeans likened this latest episode Yaw Shin Leong is embroiled in similar to Jack Neo' case. Many Singaporeans have in both online media and print, called for Yaw to declare whether it is a "Yes" or "No" rather than giving "no comments". Many have cited the example of Jack Neo who has come clean, given a public apology and has now been forgiven as evident in the good revenue his latest movie has generated.

However, I find the likening of Yaw's episode to Jack's episode is not comparable as the circumstances and the personality of the two are different. Jack is an entertainment figure while Yaw is a political figure, hence it is not a good comparison though the two are public figures.

I would think a better comparison for Yaw's episode will be that of Steve Tan Peng Hoe, a PAP candidate for Tampines in the General Election 2011 who withdrew at the last minute, citing "personal reasons"" after being embroiled in an unprofessional conduct too. Steve finally decided to withdraw from being an MP and have at least told the public that the allegations are false however Yaw did not give either a "Yes"or "No" answer while still being in parliament today.

Singaporeans are still conservative in nature and really expect their members of parliament to have a good moral record, though it may be private affairs, however when one is in public office, private affairs will be under heavy scrutiny as Singaporeans want a good role model as members of parliament.

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