Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tay Ping Hui as Best Actor in Star Awards 2012, Sharon Au as a likely PAP MP?

I believe Tay Ping Hui will clinch the Best Actor Award in the Star Awards this year. Tay Ping Hui started his acting career 15 years ago in 1997. His first TV show was as co-actor together with Thomas Ong. I believe Tay will clinch this Best Actor Award this year finally.
Tay’s  latest show is the current Channel 8 TV drama “Rescue 995” where he played a SCDF officer. I think this show comes at a good timing as the image of SCDF may have be tarnished a little with the alleged corruption of Peter Lim Sin Pang. Hence Tay’s role in “Rescue 995” will really help to restore the confidence of the public in SCDF.
Off the screen, Tay Ping Hui is best known for being a member of PAP. It was reported some years ago that he may consider entering politics. But as things are now, Tay Ping Hui does not contest the General Election 2011 as a member of PAP. If there is another potential actress who may be a member of Parliament in the PAP camp, it would have to be Sharon Au whom I believe will contest in the next General Election as a member of the PAP; she will then (I believe) to be a member of Mediacorp’s Senior Management.
Right now, the artiste in Parliament is Janice Koh who is a nominated member of parliament. Janice Koh’s husband is Lionel Yeo, a Senior Civil Servant who is now Dean of the Civil Service College.

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