Monday, February 27, 2012

Sharon Au: Mediacorp's next leader?

Today's Zaobao newspapers carries an article on how the Chinese drama team will be reorganized into 3 local teams and 1 Malaysia team in a bid to improve our Chinese dramas produced. One of the 3 local teams is a new team created and will be helmed by Sharon Au. It was also reported that Sharon will be groomed to take over from one of Mediacorp's Vice President.
Sharon Au went to Japan on a Mediacorp scholarship and comes back to be a main cast at a musical at Singapore's National Birthday and goes on to be seen on National TV rallying  the then Presidential candidate Tony (now our President) at a lunch time rally at Raffles Place (it was reported that Sharon is a friend of the President's daughter).

I think Sharon Au will be one of Mediacorp's next leaders.

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