Sunday, February 12, 2012

Principal in online sex scandal

I read from the newspapers that the principal involved in the online sex scandal or online sex trade resigned as a primary school teacher in Dec 2011 and is famous in Singapore sporting fraternity. Though the media has not released the name of the principal involved in the online sex trade, a forumer has suggested who this prinicipal may be from thread 35 on this post on Sammyboy. More reading and photos in this webpage. However, as responsible Singaporeans, let us wait for the actual identity of the prinicipal to be published by the Straits Times before jumping to conclusion. But my question is why are the forumers in the webpages I have referenced in this blog post of mine sound so convicing?

As reported, Singapore's online sex seems to be more prevalent before. I think this is due to the proflieration of the internet which makes running errands of any sort easier and more convenient as well as Singapore's small size and growing population which makes men who may want to visit seedier places resort to the online world to seek a bit of anomynity under the cloak of the internet as they do not want to be seen by someone familar when they do those things. There is also a website called Geylang Checker which may deter some men from visiting Geylang to do some things.

Though the principal be it the man in the post I have referenced in this post has done something unprofessional as a one of Singapore top civil servants and unacceptable to many Singaporeans in the moral sense by soliciting the services of a prostitude, somemore as a superscale prinicipal, nevertheless we hope he will learn from his mistakes and move on in life, same as for Peter Lim Sin Pang and Ng Boon Gay. These 3 people: the principal, Peter Lim Sin Pang and Ng Boon Gay may have done wrong but as Singaporeans, let us forgive them and give them a chance to improve and continue to make contributions to Singapore in whatever capacity they have.

On the Vietnam front, let us see what this Vietnamese principal did to help his students improve their grades!

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