Saturday, February 25, 2012

of Sex and Dogs

Singapore is awashed in the alleged sex incidents of public figures like the previous chiefs of SCDF and CNB -Peter Lim Sin Pang and Ng Boon Gay respectively- and the alleged extra-martial affairs of Yaw Sin Leong since late last month. Now these few whole episodes of extra-martial affairs of high profile figures begulfing Singapore finally culminate in a likely by-election in Hougang with the expulsion of Yaw Sing Leong from the Workers' Party.

With that, the spotlight of Singaporeans is centred on Dogs. Earlier in the week, Singapore top bowler, Remy Ong found himself chastised by netizens over his running over of a dog with his car. I feel very sad for the dog.

Next, Sun Xu, the China MOE Scholar found himself on the receiving end of Singaporeans' anger as he commented that there are more dogs in Singapore than human.

As a MOE Scholar, I feel a bit worried that Sun Xu will climb the career rungs of MOE fast naturally as a scholar and craft policies for the youths of our nation who will be leaders of our country if his attitude does not change. Some Singaporeans think that MOE should revoke his scholarship.

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