Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Fire Extinguisher video

I read in the newspapers today that there is a Youtube video circulating around in the internet, featuring a secondary school boy taking out the glass cover off a fire extinguisher and was shown spraying around with the fire extinguisher.
I believe this fire extinguisher video is not funny. From young, we are taught to learn to respect fire as a servant and to fear fire as a master.  We learn to understand that fires are dangerous. Since a young age, fire extinguishers have become omnipresent at public places and we learn to use them only when the time to do so comes (i.e. to put out fires).
Hence I think the fire extinguisher is really a sacred emblem of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). Before SCDF can arrive to a site to put out fires, the fire extinguisher is our first line of defence against fires. I believe the secondary school student’s playing with the fire extinguisher needs to be chastised as it renders disrespect to the fire extinguisher.
Hence I believe the student should be sent to the SCDF to do his National Service and learn to use the fire extinguisher in a professional way to save lives.

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