Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ng Boon Gay and top news makers for Jan 12: a round up of Singapore Top Singapore News in Jan 2012

Let us summarize the top news makers in Jan 12.

First of all, it has to be Saw Phaik Hwa who was blamed for the massive disruption in the MRT networks in Dec 12, Ms Saw finally stepped down from SMRT in January.

Next, Seng Han Tong also found himself hot in the news after his comment about MRT staff was mistaken by the public as it was reported.

Then, the spotlight fell on Gerard Giam, Lawrence Wong and V.K Nair as the trio hotly debated about the Ministerial Pays.

After Chinese New Year, Singaporeans found themselves reading about private affairs of prominent political leaders and civil servants.

Gripping the nation was the news of alleged corruption of ex-bosses of SCDF and CNB: Peter Lim and Ng Boon Gay. At this time of writing, it seems that no monies were involved but the duo's charges centred about a 36-year old, tall, slim and long-hair IT executive from a MNC.

Another prominent opposition leader, Mr Yaw also found himself having to face the media on alleged extramartial affairs with a fellow party mate.

However, it seems good that at this moment Singapore is not grappling with any economic issues as these will affect Singaporeans more about the personal affairs of others. However there may still be signs of a growing recession, so let us hope that Singapore will continue to do well economically and socially.

One good news though, somebody, maybe its you or me will be the next TOTO millionaire!

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