Friday, January 13, 2012

MINDEF should examine IPPT & IPPT remedial training for NS Man

I read about the 28 year old NS man IPPT incident. I think the NS man may have tried too hard in pushing his body in order to pass the IPPT to avoid the weeks of remedial training if he were to fail IPPT.

I am an avid jogger who jogs 1 to 2 times per week of at least 30 minutes each time. Despites maintaining a good workout regime, I also fail the IPPT 2.4km at some instances. However when everytime I fail, I work extra hard to train my body just so to pass the IPPT once and for all during the time frame to avoid having to undergo remedial training sessions which are really time consuming for men like us who work. The 2 to 3 times of remedial trainings are not only time consuming but having to leave work earlier, one have to explain to his boss why he cannot pass his IPPT and having to go off from work earlier to do remedial trainings.

For working NS men, time is really a premium and time is precious. If a working NS man cannot pass his IPPT, he would really need to spend a lot of time on remedial training sessions for close to 3 months! In view of the latest incident, I am afraid there will be more NS men who are afraid to fail their IPPT and hence over-exert their bodies too much and became like the NS men mentioned in the first paragraph.

I hope MINDEF can review its "stick" approach in dealing with NS men who do not pass their IPPT. A NS man who does not pass his IPPT needs not be unfit, it just mean that he is not good in jogging for 2.4km, situp, shuttle runs, standing broad ups and chin-ups.

I propose: scrap away NS IPPT remedial training. There ought to be better solutions.

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