Friday, January 27, 2012

Contentment and Health, disconnect from IT, work life balance

Recently, I feel that age has really caught up with me. Though I am still young, I feel I have a body ten years older than my biological age. Despite coffee and sleeping early, I feel lethargic and tired. I do sports like running and carrying free weights, trying to do so regularly, but even these do not prevent my body from sagging and ageing.
I think I am not the only one experiencing all the fatigue symptoms and experiencing hair loss at young age; on the MRT trains, I can see tired faces of executives and workers. I find that people in this IT age are becoming physically less healthier as there is just so much stress, distraction, IT gadgets which take up many people's time.

Having an office-bound work, leading a sedentary lifestyle for more than 8 hours at work, facing the computer non-stop, I know that this takes a toll on my health. At the end of each workday, my eyes are really tired and my body is really stiff. This cannot be helped in this metropolitan Singapore city. In work, I work hard, making 101% use of my office time, ensuring that I complete work during the office hours and only having to do overtime if there really is a need to do so.

When it is time to knock off, I go home, after completing my work. I do not play "face time" like what some of my colleagues do as they think seen by bosses working overtime and sending emails past the office closing hour is deemed hardworking. I let these people do it lor, it is their business. I let these people talk about me knocking on the dot lor as from my own experiences, even staying neutral you will bound to attract some aggressors due to jealousy over your capability.

I still give my Best in work despites being in a really lousy career rut for some years despites me having good and great potential. I cannot help it but I will try to see how to make out of this career, my career for I am not a boss, I will really need a career, a job which can recognize and give credence to my potential and pay me reasonably well, competitvely for me and most importantly my family.

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