Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chinese New Year Holidays: after effect

Today, I reluctantly woke up to set off for work. Today is the third day of Chinese New Year and time indeed flies: the first two days of Chinese New Year 2012 have since elapsed us. I enjoyed very much the Chinese New Year holidays for which I have increased the number of days of leave too by taking some of my personal leaves.
However, looking back at the stretch of holidays which I have, I did not go overseas like some did; instead I tidied my house and cleared lots of dust, dirt and bacteria which have accumulated at the various corners of my house for a year. It was great and symbolic to have carried out a thorough spring cleaning to welcome and usher in a brand new lunar year!
I have enjoyed myself fully after the labouring of spring cleaning. For instance, it has been a long long time since I caught up on movies on the TV: I have watched at least 5 to 6 movies in the recent days. Also, though I often sleep early, I turned in at around 2am or 3am on the first two days of Chinese New Year.  And what is Chinese New Year without food? I have eaten quite a lot of fried food like those yummy chicken wings and lots of tidbits during Chinese New Year.
I am happy that I have made the effort to visit Chinatown last Friday though I do not really like crowds. However I believe that going to Chinatown during Chinese New Year is definitely a must for all Chinese celebrating Chinese New Year.
I think I must visit River Hongbao in the coming days and if I have time, the Sentosa Flowers Festival.

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