Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chinese New Year & Amos Yee

These few days, I have been hard at work, spring cleaning my house. I used so many litres of water, washed away so much litres of water, have to force myself to deal with dozens of cockroaches (which I do not know where there are so many, but I have installed baiting stations and so far some of these cockroaches did fall prey to them) and even hurt my fingers washing, cleaning, scrubbing all corners of the house.

Despite the sweat, blood, dust, dirt and having to do something unpleasant in dealing with the cockroaches, I have no regret for spring cleaning is really a pivotal event for Chinese everytime when it comes to Chinese New Year. Spring cleaning really is useful even if we do not think that we have to do spring cleaning because of tradition: Spring cleaning helps to remove all the residual dusts and dirt (I really do not know where all the heaps of dust and dirt in my house come from) and hence keep families healthy and strong in the coming Chinese New Year.

Also, Spring Cleaning is therapeutic: just today, I incidentally came across items of my secondary school years which are now considered "extinct". I came across bus cards (those cards on which students paste their monthly concession stamps long before the arrival of Ez-link or magetic cards); there are also those old cameras which runs on flim long before the invention of digital cameras.

Another additional advantage: I came across some food items which I know I must eat before their best dates.

Chinese New Year is the festival which many Chinese Singaporeans and I love and respect and I believe that is why there is a public uproar against the disrespectful things Amos Yee said about Chinese New Year in his Youtube Channel.

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