Thursday, December 01, 2011

Scanning one million files in my computer with Norton Antivirus, and look what I found?

On the same day after purchasing the Norton antivirus software, I installed the program immediately onto my computer. Prior to the purchase of the software, I was using free anti-virus software called AVG which was downloaded from the internet and there were no viruses found even though just two weeks ago, I experienced a virus-scare: my password into one of the programs I use frequently seems automatically logged on; however after a scan by AVG, there was no virus found.
The Norton Anti-virus scan took an hour or so. To my amazement, my computer actually contained a million or so files as indicated in the scanning page on my desktop. Finally when the scan was completed, a total of 10 tracking cookies-which I assumed to be password-remembering cookies-were found. But there was one virus found and it was Trojan virus.I was pleased with the results of Norton Anti-virus as it detected a virus which could not be picked up by the free AVG anti-virus software.
As I have mentioned in a blog post earlier, hackers are getting more and more complex, adopting more and more “unorthodox” methods like setting up many websites containing viruses and sending large amounts of traffic to your website, which cause you to click these websites and causing your computer to be infected.
Hence I would like to advise all readers to install anti-virus software in your computers or laptops to prevent your precious and confidential data from being stolen!

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