Thursday, December 15, 2011

North South MRT Line Breakdown

North South MRT Line breakdown here in Singapore close to 8pm! At this time of writing, the train services have yet to be restored. Thousands of passengers were trapped in the trains, with many saying that there is total darkness as the electricity supplies seemed to be cut off, according to Channel NewsAsia.It is just too much shock and troublesome for the thousands of passengers trapped in the sardine-packed trains, especially so for the elderly and the weaker passengers who may not be able to withstand the stuffiness of being trapped with thousands of passengers in close proximity. Ladies may also be molested. This North South MRT line breakdown came on the heels of a disruption in morning service of the Circle Line yesterday and a bus which took its passenger for a "destination-free"2 hour journey on Tuesday.

What happens to the Singapore transport system? I believe our transport system is already overloaded and is not able to accomodate our increasing population! I have no choice but to take the MRT to work everyday, only to be irked by the jamming of the MRT train at all times of the day.

I believe our transport system needs to be overhauled... there are too many breakdowns in our railway networks already. A heftier fine should be imposed on transport providers who do not meet basic service standards. I think Mr Lui, our transport Minister who is currently in Cambodia  for the 17th ASEAN Transport Ministers’ (ATM) Meeting and associated meetings with ASEAN Dialogue Partners should come back to Singapore immediately, call for a press conference and reassure and comfort Singaporeans together. I hope Singaporeans will not be trapped on MRT train on the late night of 31 Dec 2011, else all of us will count down to year 2012 on MRT train in a uniquely Singaporean manner. I think then, all of us will rock and party in the MRT train to usher in year 2012.

With the advent of mobile phones, we are now having thousands of passengers in the disrupted trains, who are now becoming instanteous reporters, tweeting, facebooking, blogging REAL TIME in REAL PERSON from the disrupted trains and maybe still in pitch darkness (but luckily their Iphones may have some batteries). I know some of these passengers may also google about this incident and have found this humble blog post of mine and now reading this post in the disrupted train. If you are the one, do not worry, Singapore Short Stories hopes and wishes you and everyone in the train you are stuck that, will be fine soon!

Now, I am logging off, to see my Facebook to see whether any of my Facebook friends are inside the disrupted train, facebooking to their wall posts....

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