Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Ministerial Salary & Political Salaries: Salaries of Ministers, Senior Minister of State, Minister of State, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Parliamentary Secretary

Mr Gerard Ee will be submitting to Prime Minister his committee's proposal for Ministerial Salaries and political salaries and the new political salaries should be announced soon. In my opinion, I believe the new political salaries may not be very much different from the previous salaries if Mr Gerard Ee's committee still thinks that the political office holders' salaries must be higher than its senior civil servants in his ministry.
Let just analyse the fact. A CEO in a statutory board in a ministry easily earns over $30,000 per month. Hence if we are to extrapolate higher, the top 2 civil servants i.e. the Deputy Secretary and the Permanent Secretary should earn at least $40,000 and $50,000 per month respectively. Hence if the notion is that a Parliament Secretary should get a higher salary than the Permanent Secretary as it is now, the new salaries of the political holders higher up should not be discounted by as much.

However I would think that Mr Gerard's committee would as tasked by Prime Minister Lee, did some discount to the politcal salaries in the review this time round. Hence:

I believe the new salary of Parliamentary Secretary will be pegged to the pay of a CEO in a Statutory Board and the new Salary of a Minister of State will be pegged to the salary of a Permanent Secretary; I think the new political salaries will be as follows:

a) Parliamentary Secretary: $30,000 per month (approximately pegged to the salary of a CEO of a Statutory Board)
b) Senior Parliamentary Secretary: $40,000 per month (approximately pegged to the salary of a Deputy Secretary of a Ministry)
c) Minister-of-State: $50,000 per month (approximately pegged to the salary of a Permanent Secretary of a Ministry or Chairman of a Statutory Board)
d) Senior Minister-of-State: $60,000 per month
e) Minister: $70,000 per month
f) Prime Minister: $80,000 per month
d) President: $75,000 per month

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