Saturday, December 17, 2011

MRT Services to start 10 am tomorrow: another SMRT Public Communications Blunder

My family and I were out in town this evening on the day when Singaporeans are still grappling with the shock and disappointment with our MRT System. After our outing, when we walked to the MRT station, we saw the sign: "MRT Services to start 10 am tomorrow". When we read this notice, we were shocked, as we thought that the MRT system is breaking down the 4th time this week, but we still saw a lot of passengers walking up the escalators to take the train!
We followed suit and it turned out that the MRT services continued as usual this evening. It was only after we heard the news later that we thought the notice should read "MRT Services tommorrow to start 10 am" rather than "MRT Services to start 10 am tomorrow.

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