Saturday, December 17, 2011

MRT services between Ang Mo Kio and Marina Bay stations breakdown this morning!

MRT services between Ang Mo Kio and Marina Bay Stations break down and were disrupted this morning, just 2 days after a similar breakdown occured on the North-South Line affecting thousands of passengers!

This is unacceptable! Already, many Singaporeans are calling Ms Saw, CEO of SMRT who earn millions of dollars per year to step down as ordinary Singaporeans like me who just earn a modest salary and who have to rely on MRT services as a means to get to our destinations are really finding it very troublesome that our routines are often affected by breakdown in MRT services.

Transport issues which weigh heavily upon the minds of Singaporeans, along with issue like housing when they went to the General Election polls in May this year again comes to the fore in the wake of 3 MRT breakdowns plus one bus service which lost its way for 2 hours this week.

Singaporeans will be watching how Mr Lui, who is our transport Minister handles this issue. Even more Singaporeans, I believe, will be keenly awaiting whether Ms Saw, CEO of SMRT will really step down.

In my opinion, I do not mean to be cruel but really, SMRT services have not been performing up to its mark during Ms Saw's helm. Breakdowns and congestion, once "an isolated incidents" now become norm of the day.

A new Management will be good for SMRT, I suppose. Someone who is really a problem solver, someone who is really efficient.

Read about the North South MRT line breakdown.

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