Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lessons from MRT Breakdowns and 2 Forms of Queues for McDonalds

I believe there is one lesson which could be drawn from the recent spate of MRT breakdowns which is worth sharing and that is “Fast is not always Fast”. The MRT train which is supposed to be a quick medium of transport for commuters is not necessary the fastest medium for our country as we have seen in recent weeks: this form of transport in our country always break down or the train is always overcrowded which causes passengers to spend time waiting for the next train with more boarding space.  Similarly, our expressways which are supposed to be effective conduits to bring traffic from one part of the island to the other parts can be jammed at times too.
Living on this island in an era of instant gratification, many of us subscribe to the latest mobile or IT gadgets for more effective form of living, however there is always time consumed in sending the i-phone, i-pad or other devices for remedial maintenance and  these gadgets can also break down at times too.
I was the at McDonald outlet yesterday when I queued up for 5 minutes, only to find that I was in the wrong queue. How could this happen? Well, the receptionist could not serve out each customer’s order fast enough after they have paid and so they asked each customer to move aside to wait for the food, in minutes a queue has form at this “waiting queue” and I have mistaken this queue as the orderly queue.
Fast is no longer Fast in our society.
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