Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Its time for SMRT to have a new logo with better Fengshui

I felt sad to read that a woman fell in SMRT bus and went into a coma after that. This incident marked a string of not so good incidents which has plagued MRT since last week. First, there was a SMRT bus which went on a "destination-free" journey with its passengers for 2 hours as the bus lost its way. Next, there were 3 disruptions to the MRT services- 1 on the Circle Line and 2 on the North-South Line (I think I need not elaborate further on these incidents as they are by now old news already). After these incidents, a cleaner fell while cleaning at a MRT Station and was injured.
And since Sunday, despites putting in improvements after a thorough investigation on the railway, MRT trains travelled slowly and even today, there was one incident of breakdown. With all these not no nice incidents, I believe SMRT should change its logo so as to change Fengshui. I believe the recent mass exacavations and tunneling has altered the Fengshui underground where SMRT trains ply.

Having been to Hong Kong, I was so impressed by its railway service. The train services were fast, the passengers in the cabin were not as noisy as ours and there is even piped classical music to soothe the stressed citizens as they travel at the interchanges transfering from one line to another.

The MTR logo in Hong Kong shaped like an Octopus is iconic and is easily recognized from the ticket to the station billboard fronting the station. And I feel that the MTR logo like an Octopus is not only symbolic of a good transport system but it also symbolizes good Fengshui. Maybe SMRT can consider to change its boring logo into one with better Fengshui!

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