Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day and a public holiday. The weather is cool and nice and I took Boxing Day literally as I made use of this opportunity to do some spring cleaning of my house.
I threw away so many empty boxes (hence today is really a boxing day for me) into the recycling chute at the void deck. I saw many other neighbours too bringing their recyclables to dump into the recycling chute. What a day of spring cleaning, what a boxing day! It is now less than a month to the Chinese New Year and like me, many neighbours are busily starting their spring cleaning.

During one of my rounds of bringing the recyclables down to the recycle chute, I was surprised to see an old lady getting the items thrown into the chute out. She apologized to me but I replied to her that it is okay. In Singapore where there are more than 80,000 people with a net worth of US $1 million excluding the price of property, there are still many people without an income. Early in the morning, I just saw an old lady sitting near an ATM and calling for a couple to give her money. I saw the couple give her $5. When the old lady asked me for money, I ignored her as I felt that this is not really the correct way for her to earn money.

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