Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 More days to Year 2012: My New Year Resolutions

I have not been blogging regularly these few days as around this time of the year when we will soon transit to a brand new year, I have been trying to do as much things as possible in year 2011 before the new year comes.
This is often the time when many people including myself look back at year 2011 and take a mental note of what we have achieved for this year.
Looking back at this year 2011, I have achieved what I have set out for in various aspects of my life. I am grateful and contented or rather I try my best to be grateful and contented for what I have. As usual, having been stuck in a career rut for the past few years, this year is also, sadly to say, another year which is not too good for my career. I am blessed to have a good boss who gives me plenty of opportunities to shine in my career, however my boss is not omnipotent, there exists human factors to make even a bright, hardworking, promising and capable man like me depressed in my career. I am not alone, in the world, there are many promising and capable people who are suppressed in their work, leaving those who are not capable but who knows how to play politics go further in life. This is Life.
Other than the career front, I am contented and grateful for what I have. For those areas which I am not too good at, I try my Best but even if my Best is not able to achieve what I intend to set out, I still try and try and never giving up.
As we usher in a brand new year, I promise not to be captured hostage of the past, I will always learn to be optimistic and continue to work real hard, undeterred by the office politics, incapable people and management but striving to do my very Best!
But I need LUCK! Some people are born real lucky in life. I hope I can have some career luck next year. Career aside, I am going to focus on Family and Health too.
I have not really cast in stone my New Year resolutions for Year 2012 but generally I know what I aim to achieve mentally. I will work real hard to achieve my goals and be contented and grateful for what I have.
Happy New Year 2012!

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