Saturday, October 22, 2011

Where can I can MSG-Free, Preservative-Free Food in Singapore?

This weekends, I do not know what outside food to buy for partake. These days, food sold outside is filled with so much preservatives and MSG. Since I am working, I have no choice but to buy and consume outside food on weekdays. Sometimes, sick of MSG food, I turned to Fast Food. I know it is junk food and even McDonalds Fries are heavily sanded with salt freely so much so that I make it a point to stress to the receptionists that I want my fries salt-free.

McDonalds should encourage healthy living by not sanding their fries with salt as a default. Okay, but to my discussion on MSG-Free, Preservatives-Free food, I think the only possible way to get such food is to cook at home in a healthy manner using steam, olive oil, etc. I know it is a hassle for one or families to cook at home as there is the washing to be done after the meals, but it seems to be the only way to get MSG and Preservative Free food.

Thats why I like Hokkaido: fresh seafood can be eaten daily. But with the recent nuclear leakage, even Japanese food may not be as safe as before.

We are what we eat. With so much stress living in a hectic country in Singapore, grappling with the high cost of living and eating bad food, it is no wonder that many Singaporeans these days are losing their hair fast. I am also experiencing hair loss!

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