Monday, October 24, 2011

Venice of Punggol

Venice is such an interesting and enchanting city of Italy. My wife and I had been to Venice which is really a magical and fanatastic place.

When the water front gardens of Punggol were opened yesterday, I could not believe it, these gardens were called "Venice of Punggol"! Though I know what the linking to this city means, I could not help but feel that injustice has been done to Venice.

Do the water front gardens have the gondolas of Venice? Are the homes of Punggol submerged partially in water? Do the residents of Punggol commute only via boats and gondolas? Is life in Punggol as lovely as the people in Venice?

I feel the use of "Venice in Punggol" seems to be a bit arrogant. Singapore, no doubt has achieved some success but we must still be mindful that we are still a little red dot on planet earth. Singapore and Singaporeans still need to be humble, especially when we do not have great hinterlands, good resources and great culture.

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