Saturday, October 08, 2011

Steve Jobs: Connecting the dots

Yesterday, I read the speech given by Steve Jobs at a Stanford University's commencement ceremony in 2005 and was touched and at the same time, inspired.

Like what Steve Jobs rightly pointed out,  in life, we cannot connect the dots looking forwards but we could do so looking backwards.

At this time of writing, I am not doing well in my career but hope the things which I am doing now will enable me to make sense in future by connecting the dots on looking backwards a few years from now.

Connecting the dots enable me to realize how one things leads to another in my life which includes me finding my wife!

Loving what one does is great and it will lead to Success but in pragmatic Singapore, many are not too prepared to tread on unfamilar roads as in this pragmatic society which is not tolerant of failures, doing something unfamilar, out of the norms and failing it all is too risky.

Success goes to those who believe in their dreams and pursue them despite all challenges and obstacles.

I hope one day I will become Successful: having Health, a Happy Family, Wealth and travelling the world and retiring in Hokkaido, enjoying fresh seafood, living in true natural unpolluted and unspoilt bliss, admiring the show-stopping scenary and escaping from the super hectic hustle and bustle of an increasing overcrowded and unfamilar city.

Steve Jobs Stanford University Address

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