Friday, October 28, 2011

Singapore's MRT network improvements

The overcrowding of Singapore MRT trains seems not to be getting any better. I list down the improvement SMRT should do or should have done:

a) SMRT has built the first MRT train stations above ground. I think SMRT should have built, right from the start, all train stations underground like in Hong Kong. Singapore is a small country and building train stations above ground is wasting precious land. Also if no train stations are built above ground, then can people jumping down the tracks at these stations without safety barriers (which are introduced only lately) be avoided?

b) SMRT has clearly not factored in the ageing and increasing population with their capacity planning. With more and more elderly and an increasing population, it is not surprise to witness more and more elderly passengers and those who have the right to use the reserved seats standing while youngsters or some foreign citizens refused to give up the reserved seats they wrongfully occupy. I think it would be before long that passengers who need a seat in trains should pay more or a balloting of seats be introduced. Else we will see more and more elderly passengers standing up inside our MRT trains in future.

Also, lately I notice the new MRT stations have escalators which are travelling at increased speeds. This will prove dangerous to our increasingly ageing population. I believe new MRT stations should be more ageing-centric in the design of train stations.

If people in MRT trains do not give up their seats as they do not know how to, then we must run some courses for Singaporeans on how to give up the reserved seats to those who need it!

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