Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review of our Casinos

The two casinos: Marina Bay Sands and Genting Resorts World have been built in Singapore. For local visitors, the admission fee stands at $100. For foreigners, the admission is free.

I have watched the "Get Real" programme on Channel News Asia which featured foreign workers doing construction work in Singapore, going to the casinos and losing their hard-earned wages in a single playing session. This is quite worrying to me, as I am not sure whether these foreign workers will turn to crime without cash.

Even with the $100 admission fee, I am not sure whether it is a deterrent for hardcore gamblers. There should be a survey on the social implications of the opening of the Casinos here on Singaporeans.

With the advent of the internet, online casinos have also sprouted up. These websites offer a slew of games like poker, blackjack, crap and slots. Ultimately, I think the avenues for gambling are quite pervasive online and offline, hence for one to gamble or not, it is a question of willpower.

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