Thursday, October 13, 2011

Remembering my tour mates for the wrong reason

Two years ago, I took my wife to Hokkaido for Honeymoon. On remembering back the scenes at Hokkaido, I remembered the sights and the scenes, the onsens, the weather and more.
But I struggled to recollect the faces of my tour mates: those who were in our tour group. I remembered hard and finally I could remember a couple: all for the wrong reason.  Why is that so?
Apparently, the couple bought the expensive Kobe beef and my wife and I, among others, lent the beef they bought for a photo-shoot by posing beside the huge piece of beef. The couple seems not very happy and when the male sat beside me and cut the beef and ate it; he did it so slowly, pointing the beef and gradually lowered that piece of “treasured” beef into his mouth as he opened his mouth slowly and bigger like a goldfish, apparently to spite me. Hence I remembered the tour mate for that. All for the wrong reason.

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