Tuesday, October 25, 2011

KFC 's coupon meal vs McDonalds lunch time meals

Yesterday, I bought a KFC coupon meal at $5.50 for 2 pieces of chicken, a cup of coke and 1 whipped potato. I had asked for 2 pieces of chicken thighs and ribs, but when my order came, I had a chicken drumstick! Well, if you are my regular reader, you would have known that this is not the first time that my fast food order came wrong: it was always Burger King and now KFC. It seems that only McDonalds has the best receptionist who can really listen to customers' orders!
KFC's coupon meals are no longer great. The 2 pieces of chicken I ordered have shrank, they were just 50% to 75% of their normal sizes. I believe one could get a better deal with McDonald's lunchtime meals. Costing $4.50 to $5, the burger and fries are of the usual size.

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