Sunday, October 30, 2011

Drivers, please drive carefully and watch out for pedestrians

I was walking after passing a pedestrian crossing this afternoon when I heard a group of pedestrians laughing and talking, a second later, I heard a loud cry, a loud bang and a sudden halt of car engine. I turned my head and saw a man being knocked down and flung some metres. It was too horrible a sight and I did not watch further... an ambulance was called shortly and I hope the victim is now well and okay.

I hope readers who read my blog can drive carefully and watch out for pedestrians if they are drivers themselves; if readers are non-drivers, they should look left, look right before crossing the roads and still be very careful even if the pedestrian crossings are in their favour. Please continue to watch out for cars and drivers as they may not necessary stop when the traffic lights ask them to.

Life is precious. A driver who knocks down and kills a pedestrian will at most get some months of jail and have driving licence revoked. Pedestrians, beware as always.

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