Monday, October 10, 2011

Cockroach in my satays

Yesterday, my family and I were shocked when we saw a live cockroach halfway through our feast on a plate of satays! We were at a popular hawker centre and had ordered the satays from a popular stall. I immediately took the plate of satays to the stall owner and letting her witness the live cockroach still moving first-handedly. I demanded for a replacement of the satays and she exchanged the old satays with new ones promptly.
Well, with the advent of the internet, I could have taken a video or a photo of the sighting of the cockroach in the satays and post them on social-sharing websites like STOMP or call the NEA, but afterall, people are making a living and I do not think they deliberately put the cockroach into our plate of satays. Anyway, I think they will step up efforts to prevent future such occurrences.

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