Sunday, October 02, 2011

Circle Line Discovery Open House poorly planned !

The Circle Line Discovery Open House is poorly planned. To be a part of the Circle Line Open House, I started the train from Paya Lebar MRT station, a station on the Circle Line, only to be told that the train would stop at Marymount when the train reached Marymount. I alighted and inquired a SMRT official on how to get to the 12 new Circle Line MRT stations . He told me and a number of frustrating passenger who were also trying to experience the new stations that we had to go to either Harborfront or Buona Vista to get on to the train ride that will take us to the new Circle Line MRT stations. I was shocked!
Hence I had to take a  MRT ride from Marymount all the way to Harborfront! By the time I reached Harborfront MRT station to experience the new Circle Line MRT journey, I was already left very frustrated! This is poor organization on the part of SMRT.

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