Monday, October 24, 2011

Bidadari new HDB town

Along with Tengah, Bidadari will be redeveloped into a new HDB town. I think some people will think twice before choosing to stay in Bidadari unless one really runs out of options or are not too particular about the former land use of Bidadari.

I still remember when Bishan was developed into a new town, that was when I was still quite young. Urban legends and myths abounded then on how trains at Bishan MRT depot were seen with strange sightings and so on and so forth.

In land scare Singapore, we do not have too much of a choice in finding ways to meet the housing demands of an increasing population. We are currently digging underground, building integrating buildings and exploring new plots of land like Tengah and Bidadari to do more with such limited land area we have.

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