Thursday, September 08, 2011

Singapore's population growth

The Institute of Policy Studies has presented the few scenarios of Singapore’s future population growth. The main problems Singapore faces in its population growth thrust are its declining fertility rate and total replacement ratio. Immigration has been identified as a key plank to keep Singapore’s population younger and at a number which will not undermine economic growth.
My thinking is that if Singapore continues to rely on the influx of immigrants to top up its population, Singapore’s existing culture that has been with us since independence will continue to evolve. This is so as when we open new immigrants to make our country their home, we are also allowing their cultures and practices to take roots here.
Singapore’s existing culture is a blend of our Chinese, Indian, Malay and Eurasian heritages. With more immigrants, our culture will become more cosmopolitan and I fear that one day, Singapore will no longer have a unique culture, characteristic of where we come from, the culture that prevail then may be just diluted cultures of many nations.
Many historical landmarks of Singapore are already part of history. What Singapore has now is its plethora of sprawling air-conditioned shopping malls for younger generations to inherit. I think the massive building of more shopping centres is not fitting for a greying population like Singapore’s. Singapore should start investing in building more 3rd-age friendly facilities and capabilities for a greying population and the time to do so is now.

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