Monday, September 26, 2011

Singapore Weather

I was jolted from my deep sleep by the heavy pelting of rain and the loud applause of the thunder in the middle of the night. The thudding sound by the bullet-like rain on my windows was riveting. I had no choice but to get out from my slumber.
I felt it strange that we had two hot and nice weather for the past two days for the F1 night race held here in Singapore when it was raining quite heavily for a couple of days before the race. And then a few hours after the race has ended and when all the partying was over, the sky opened to such a heavy thunderstorm!
This scenario played out for Singapore’s National Day parades too. I could not remember any years when it rained on our National Day parades. But then I think it rained once in one parade in the 1960s as the rain at National Day parade was unique and hence was quite often-cited.

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