Tuesday, August 09, 2011

National Day 2011: Happy Birthday Singapore!

Singapore Short Stories Blog Group wishes Singapore a happy 46th Birthday! Time really flies, another National Day is upon us! Whenever it comes to National Day, I will listen to my old favorite National Day Songs. This year's National Day song is not nice, my all-time National Day Song favorite is "We are Singapore":

Life in Singapore when I was young was definitely much more happier. I remember celebrating each National Day in schools with much gusto. However in these few years, life in Singapore has become less happier, at least to me. Policies in housing, overcrowding, foreign talent, cost of living, traffic and MRT congestion, widening rich-poor divide and many other social problems have come to the fore. Also, old places of fond memories like the old railway, old National library were gone, in place of them were dozens and dozens of mega-structure shopping centres. The pace of Singaporean life is now getting more and more frenzied.

Let us see what our  Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien has to say for  his National Day message this year:

Let us see what President hope-ful Mr Tan Kin Lian has to say:

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