Monday, August 22, 2011

Health Promotion Board: 150 minutes of exercise every week

The Health Promotion Board, in its effort to get Singaporeans working out and staying fit has launched a campaign recommending Singaporeans to clock in 150 minutes a week on exercises. I noted that the recommended exercises can take the form of informal exercises like stair-climbing.

I love exercise but over the past 2 months, I have languished in my fitness routine as I fell prey to work and work. I mean it is really a challenge to commit time for working out in this hectic society. Time is really a premium for many of us working. I know that to many, having no time for exercising is an excuse as many will retort that with commitment and discipline, everything is possible.

I observe my health has become poorer. Staring at the computer for hours a day, leading a sedentary lifestyle at work, chopping and gulfing down food fast with no proper digestion as well as not enough exercise is causing me to be as not as fit as before.

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