Monday, July 18, 2011

Why I should not complain about my job?

My job is not fanatastic. My job is below my expectations. I have latent potential and I mean I should be able to be in a better job and earn more money. However career luck is not with me. I am not complaining as I need this job to earn a living. So I am contented with this job though I can definitely do much better if given opportunities. However this is life!

I should not be complaining as during my overseas tour, I saw how my tour manager, a man around 40 years in age, has to grapple with living away from his family for many months, leading tour groups around in Europe solo, bearing a important responsibility for ensuring their safety and happiness, while ensuring that he remains in the pink of health, flying hours and hours each time, and acclimatizing to different climate every now and then. I was shocked to learn that when he has completed our tour and flown back to Singapore, he would be taking another tour to Europe for another equally long duration of 2 weeks.

Can we imagine the physical and mental stress of the tour manager handling large groups and away from the love of his family? I count myself lucky.

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