Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hitting the Gym

I hit the gym on a weekly basis to shape up my muscles. I am a newcomer to gym but after the few sessions, I am quite addicted to working out. Though I am a newcomer to working out, I do not want to engage a fitness instructor despites being targeted by them. Actually the gym equipment is not too hard to use, it takes just some time and one should be able to use the equipment easily.

I think for some, having a fitness instructor in the gym is to have someone experienced showing them how to use gym equipment correctly to avoid body injuries. For others, a gym instructor is someone who exerts pressure and instill the adherence to a discipline. For some, a gym instructor is hired for social interaction.

Keeping fit takes discipline. One should be committed to spend some time working out, exercising and keeping fit. Health is our Best asset.

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