Sunday, July 24, 2011

Display of National Flags has lost its meaning!

National Day is around the corner hence it is natural for Singaporeans to show their love for our country by displaying the Singapore flags outside their HDB units.
However, I was not too pleased to see that many blocks of HDB flats including mine was decked out in flags, a top-down approach of the Residents' Committee (RC) before I could even have the opportunity to hang my flag outside my unit (a flag was already there, hung up by the RC !)

To me, yes, the whole HDB estate will look beautiful when National Day comes, but this top-down approach of the RC will only detract the very meaning by depriving residents the opportunity to hang the flags themselves. The hanging of our National flag should come from the will and heart of residents and not being artifically created! There is no more meaning to the hanging of National flags if these are not hung by residents themselves but hung by the RCs.

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