Friday, May 20, 2011

NDP ticket application is now on: I WANT to attend NDP 2011!

Today, the tickets to NDP 2011 is open for application. I have been trying my luck for ten over years now to get the coveted ticket through the balloting but luck evades me. I am very sad. I have been trying very hard for 10+ years but I did not manage to get even a preview ticket! On the converse, I know of those who keep having tickets to attend the NDP parades yearly. I think for the balloting, those who attended NDP parades in the last 2 years should cede their rights to the tickets to those who have not attended NDP parades before. For your record, the last NDP I attended was somewhere almost 20 over years. Till now I am still hoping to have at least 2 tickets to NDP 2011.

If you think I am joking about my eager desire to attend NDP, please read this post made last year.

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