Wednesday, May 11, 2011

National Day Parade 2011

National Day Parade 2011 will be upon Singaporeans soon! Time passes! General Election is over and now I believe the next hottest event to look out for is National Day Parade 2011!
I like National Day Parades as it is a grand affair and I can see the firework displays. However, National Day Parade also sets off the chain of public holidays in the later half of every year and then another year passes! I like a National Day Parade almost a decade ago as I was involved and that parade is hence etched firmly in my mind!
The music, the performances, and the teams still evoked beautiful memories in my mind! I still remember the music composed by our home-grown talent Iskander, great emotive music, almost celestial in that year which draws no parallels, in my opinion for subsequent parades!

Another NDP which I felt more was the NDP in year 2009. That was the parade where the organizing team experimented a lot with the internet media like blogs and Facebook. I was also involved when the organizing committee found my blog to be interesting and relevant enough for a listing on their NDPeeps website (still existing but may not be functional well).
In land-scare Singapore, we do not have natural places to charm us and turn to when we are bored. But luckily, Singapore is an ‘eventful’ place and there will be many events on the calendar for the second half of the year like the Army Half Marathon, NDP and more! I still miss the Firework Festival held in late August just 2 to 3 years back. Will the government consider holding it once more?

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