Monday, March 07, 2011

Seeking Health

Last Friday, I jogged like I have never jogged before, for months. I jogged for an hour via park connectors which brought me to places I have never been before! I must hail the National Park Board for its excellent web of park connectors which allows me to enjoy nature, explore Singapore while keeping fit at the same time!
I am renewing my commitment to a gruelling physical regime, stepping up my physical activity. The reason for doing so is to regain my health back! Years of sedentary work, looking at the computer seated at work brings me quite a host of hidden health problems. I mean I am still healthy but frankly speaking, I feel that I have aged beyond my physical age. I can feel the ageing deep within me, from becoming more lethargic and physically weaker. Insidious signs of ageing!
It is on this backdrop, that I am making health a top priority for this year. Time flies really fast, a quarter of year 2011 will soon be gone, so it become all the more pressing for me to step up my physical regime, stick to a better diet and become healthier.
Jogging is free and is now facilitated by the park connectors encircling the island. Everyone who wants a good and free work-out should explore brisk walking or jogging.

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