Friday, March 25, 2011

Reorganizing my life

I am in the midst of reorganizing my life around the aspects of life I consider important. Life is too short to be wasted. Time flies very fast.  Every second counts. I always find it a challenge to enrich myself in the different aspects of life on weekday nights.
I mean coming back from home, tired and with energy totally sapped out from a hectic schedule, it is challenging to read news, clear emails, do housework , attend to other personal things and enrich at the same time, all within the few hours that I have every night.
I can sleep later but it will leave me even more tired the next working day. Looking at the computer for hours every working day, my eyes are super-tired though my body is not when I get home. I think the more modern man makes use of technology, the more he will lose in other aspects of life. This is a zero-sum game.  
I cannot fathom how facebooking can be so interesting to many. In the past, many have derided the television as a junk box, taunting those who watch too much television as couch potatoes; with the internet and Web 2.0, I think the situation is even worse off than before!

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