Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My view on the Japan 9.0 earthquake and Tsunamis: is it Karma?

I have been to Japan once with my wife, to Hokkaido to be exact. I was charmed by Japan: its healthy and fresh seafood, its onsens or hot springs, its immaculately hardworking, gracious and civic-conscious people as well as its show-stopping natural scenary. I love Japan very very much as I am a person who embraces a natural lifestyle, a neat person too who partake in healthy food, enjoy the different four seasons and I so much want to be a farmer in Hokkaido, leading a simple life, away from the extremely stressful and hectic life in Singapore!
I was sad to learn of the catastrophe that has hit Japan: earthquake, tsunamis and radiation risks (triple whammy!)  Many older folks who have undergone the Japanese Occupation in World War 2 have told me the many heavy natural destructions Japan has undergone is Karma. It is a truism that the Japanese has perpetuated many unimaginable misdeeds during their invasion of Asia. I know some examples of such misdeeds deep in my heart but I would not want to mention it here as the Japanese people are having a hard time now.
As a firm believer in Karma, I think the explanation they offer may make sense. Karma is all around us. Back in my daily days, I witness so many misdeeds, so many deeds that contradict the virtues of life, being perpetuated: the rich bullying the poor, the unable and incompetents rising to the top of the corporate ladder through underhand means and many many more. I keep quiet and I am being constantly suppressed by the evil misdeeds perpetuated by others.I know one day, the arms of Karma will catch up with them and they will have to pay for their sins. No matter whether it is months, years or decades, Karma will catch up with them or their future generations.
On a separate note, as the world gets more and more chaotic: wars, riots, growing moral decadence, natural disasters, more and more falsehood, I believe the next Buddha will be coming soon: there will be a new world order.

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