Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Morning Exercises

Today, I started a regimen of doing basic exercises as soon as I woke up. After the workout, I felt refreshed. I think what the teachers and instructors have taught at schools and in the army is really useful, though these basic exercises and morning workouts are soon lost on the working populace once they start working.

What I have experience so far at work does not bode well for my health: a sedentary lifestyle, a work that requires one to face the computer all day, absorbing all the harmful computer radiation, and not to forget the negative mental and pyschological impact effected on the body from some collegues playing politics and other stunts.

I have marked regaining health as one of my top priorities this year. I have neglected health for too long till it shows signs of breakdown these days. It is time to regain my health before it is too late.

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