Saturday, March 12, 2011

Indonesian volcano erupted!

One of Indonesia's most active volcanoes, Mount Karangetang erupted after the massive Japanese earthquake! Indeed the doomsday scenes depicted in the movie "2012" is not that remote.

A massive earthquake like what the world witnessed yesterday would cause giant tsuanmis, massive devastation to human and property, there would be infernos with the damages caused to oil refineries, thousands more could be killed with the ripping of nuclear plants by tsunamis. Worst, volcanoes like the Indonesian volcano will erupt, adding to the mass destruction of the world!

I shudder to contemplate what will happen to the world if a couple of earthquakes like the one Japan experiences, is to simultaneously occur in many parts of the world together. Then thousands in the world would be killed! Will Singaporeans be protected from all this ravage? I am not sure. Even if there is no earthquake, no tsunamis, a super volcanic eruption can wipe out thousands when the tons of ashes it spews out blocks sunlight from the world.

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