Monday, March 21, 2011

The Big Mac Story

I had a big mac meal for lunch today at none other than McDonald’s.  A Big Mac meal at $5 is not a meal that I can afford on a daily basis hence it is a treat today. A big mac, a packet of fries and a cup of coke can fill my empty stomach for the rest of the afternoon till dinner.  For the normal work day, I subsist on those coffeeshop meals which are less than $3 a meal.  I set $3 as the budget for an outside meal. Anyway my modus operandi  to consume a Big Mac meal would be to snack on the crispy hot fries completely first as the fries would become hardly pleasant upon cooling. Then I will work on the burger and then savour the drink.
From my past experiences, Mcdonald’s meals are happy meals. They make me happy. After eating them, I feel happier. I do not understand why. Is it due to the chemicals in their recipes? I believe many consumers will feel like me, happy after a meal as the sales of Mcdonalds daily is tremendous!

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