Monday, January 24, 2011

What I will do if I win the $5 million TOTO draw on 28 Jan 11

New millionaires will be minted this coming Friday when the $5 million TOTO draw takes place. Normally this kind of grand draw will attract the number of punters multiple size of the norm. Hence I believe there will be more than 1 winner and the pie will get smaller with that. Nevertheless, I am still placing a bet in the draw as doing so will still give me a chance to win the coveted sum, no matter how minute that possibility will be! If one does not buy, then he will have no chance at all.

Say if I win the $5 million dollars, what will I do? First of all, without a doubt and almost immediately, I will quit my job as the environment is too stifling and I am being suppressed and not able to use my great potential at all. I will not even wait for one month notice or all as I will hand my HR a cheque of one month’s payment then I will walk off my office and never turn back my head (in prison, they have a practice for convicts who are finally out not to turn back their heads to take a look, for fear they come in again).

Next, I will arrange an appointment with the Housing and Development Board and pay off all my existing mortgage loans so that I will be depth-free. After doing all these, I still have around $4.7 million left!

I will park $1 million in a good stock which will pay 7% dividend per year, this gives me $70,000 per year, which is around the pay of an executive in Singapore. Provided the fund does not go bust, I will be getting $70,000 or even more per annum for the rest of my life!

That will leave me with $3.7 million. I will spend $1 million and travel the world with my wife and family as seeing the world and touring is our dream!

That leaves me with $2.7 million. I will buy a condominium for $1 million and rents out the place at $3000 per month to our foreign talent and adds that passive rental income to my stock dividends.

That leaves me with $1.7 million. I will give $100,000 to charity.

That leaves me with $1.6 million.

I will use $600,000 to start a business. Debt-free and having good passive income, I will still work to make myself mentally and physically fit. I will hire workers and have a taste of how being a Chairman and a CEO is like. I will work hard and have my company listed as one of the top 30 companies in the STI stock.

This leaves me with $1 million. I will set aside $500,000 for my children’s educational needs and another $250,000 for any emergency needs.

This leaves me with $250,000. I will use this money to set up a charity under my name and give it to deserving students in Singapore.

You see, how a $5million can make me achieve so many things I wanted to do but now I am just a poor man, struggling hard to earn a decent living! I shudder at reading reports how businessmen can lose $26 million in our casinos and knowing people earning tens of millions of dollars per year, leading an exorbitant and boastful life.

Winning that $5 million is close to impossible to me. It is just a dream to me. However, I am still betting $3 to buy that dream, hoping to own it. I hope to win that $5million this Friday for my wife and family, for they deserve a good life for all the hard work they have put in life and I certainly hope to benefit that segment of our country which needs help.

Though I hope to win, I wish you win too!

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